Business Planning

"Lillian Jorgensen is a very trustworthy and knowledgeable advisor. She will explain and guide you through the various options available, enabling you to make solid investments choices for your future. Lillian is always updating her knowledge and has the skill of being able to translate this information to anyone."


Business planning has its own set of challenges. Most business owners focus all their attention on building their businesses and neglect to focus on protecting their livelihood and their assets. Besides all the personal planning issues and insurance, there are unique products specifically tailored to small businesses.

Buy Sell Insurance

A legal agreement formed between business partners to buy the shares of the deceased partner. Frequently these agreements are not funded with insurance. Buy Sell Insurance allows the company to purchase the shares from the estate without depleting the cash reserves of the business.

Executive Health Savings

A split dollar health plan for business owners where the corporation pays a portion of the premium and the owner pays a portion. If it is not used with a health concern, the monies can be withdrawn down the road tax free since the owner has already paid their portion of the tax.

Business Overhead

In case the business owner is totally disabled, Business Overhead Insurance covers the key operating expenses of the company such as rent, utilities, taxes and payroll. This insurance takes the burden off of the business owner both financially and mentally. It protects employee jobs and allows the business to keep running while the owner is recuperating from an accident or illness.

Individual Pension Plan

High income earners quickly use up their allotted RRSP room. The Individual Pension Plan goes beyond the RRSP to help shelter more income and save for retirement.

Group Insurance and Group Retirement Savings

Employees can make or break a business and retaining good ones can be a challenge. Benefit and savings plans for your valued employees can help with retention and keep your business growing and flowing smoothly.

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