Insurance protects your greatest asset: YOU! No one plans to have an accident or illness that will rob you of your ability to earn income, yet it happens more often than you think. Having a solid plan in place to protect you, your family and your assets when catastrophe strikes is a necessity in any financial plan. Proper explanation and understanding is paramount to having insurance work the way it is supposed to when you need it most.

Life Insurance

Permanent or Whole Life Insurance

This is life insurance that covers your whole life, no matter how long you live. It is a better value over the long run and builds in guaranteed cash values that can be withdrawn, if you want to collapse the policy late in life.

Term Life Insurance

Life insurance purchased for a short period of time. It is usually used when you have a large debt such as a mortgage or business acquisition. It is cheaper, does not build in any cash values and gets more expensive over time.

Universal Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance that does not have guaranteed cash values but has an investment component. You can overfund the policy beyond the minimum required for the insurance cost and those extra funds go into a variety of investments that grow tax free while within the policy.

"Lill considers our overall financial picture and ensured our insurance, estate, and mortgage were in line with our plan. As our family has grown from being a young, couple to a family with one, then two children, Lill has been able to easily accommodate our ever-changing priorities."

~Scott & Shauna S (READ THE FULL NOTE)

Health and Disability Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Provides a lump sum payment and allows you to focus on recovering and not on your bills or mortgage payments. You may also use the funds to seek treatment outside the country, remodel your house to accommodate a wheel chair or take a final trip with your family if the prognosis is not good. The money is yours to do with as you feel necessary.

Disability Insurance

Provides a stream of monthly income and is paid out on the occurrence of a disability caused by an accident or illness. Many employees have this coverage through work and it is an essential part of protecting your assets and lifestyle in case of an unexpected accident or illness.

Long Term Care

With the baby boomers approaching retirement and our long term care beds filling up, having long term care insurance is becoming a necessary part of any financial plan. Costs are dramatically increasing and long term care gives you the ability to stay in your own home or choose a good facility and pay for your medical care without depleting all your assets.


Coverage to pay for dental, vision and other health related costs not covered by government plans. Many people have this coverage through their work benefits. Those who don't should look into ways to defray these costs or write them off through your business.

*Life and Health products provided through Desjardin Financial Security Independent Network

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