Personal Planning

Planning your personal finances is complex and can be intimidating for the uninitiated. It could be compared to planning a trip to a foreign country, where even the language is a hurdle to be overcome. While creating a financial plan may not be as exciting as planning a vacation, it is our personal financial plan that will see us though our entire life. The financial world offers a confusing array of options and the financial jargon alone can be a turn off.

"Providing progressive, comprehensive and consistent results, Lillian is a dynamic and competent advisor who not only conducts her business with honesty and reliability, but demonstrates integrity, flexibility, resourcefulness and a true passion for her field."

~Shelley and Marco R (READ THE FULL NOTE)

A fully accredited planner can be an indispensable asset. In the same way that you wouldn't hesitate to enlist a guide to navigate your African Safari, a Certified Financial Planner will help lead you through the ins-and-outs of the financial world. Safari through the financial world Lill will help propel you in the right direction by planning for the good times as well as the bad.

The earlier you begin, the better--however, Lill will work with you starting with wherever you are at by reviewing your assets, debt, job, benefits, insurance and everything else that makes up your financial world. Since both short term and long term goals are important; together you will set financial goals for where you would like to be in five, ten or twenty years. Working together, you will decide how best to reallocate your resources to pay down debt, put together saving plans and insure the weak areas that have the potential to collapse your finances. Your personal priorities are paramount in the plan so that specific emphasis can be placed on any area of particular importance such as: tax, retirement or estate planning. Personal financial planning should not be frustratingly complicated or dull. It is planning the greatest trip of all: Your Life.

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