Before Lill, I was terrified about finances. I didn't understand anything about the financial world, and I felt very intimidated by it. I knew that I had bad habits, but I didn't know what to do about them. Lill became my beacon of financial hope. She worked with me where I was and helped me overcome my fear of finances by educating me in real person terms and by slowly but surely changing my bad habits into powerful habits. There was no shame or finger wagging or lecturing; she was patient, kind and infinitely willing to help. Because of her, I feel confident about my financial future, and I know that I have a real partner to help me weather any financial storms that may arise.

Shaanen C

It has been my pleasure to work with Lill as my financial planner. She has navigated the unknown in a way that makes sense to me and helped guide some of my most important decisions. I have found her to be very personable and someone I can trust implicitly. I highly recommend her whether you have a little or a lot! Thanks Lill for your great work!

Bev V

After years of being with the same investment advisor my husband and I were ready for a change. We wanted to forge a financial relationship with someone that would be long term. We did our research and interviewed a number of potential candidates. Lill was recommended by a friend and after meeting with her for around 15 minutes we knew she was "the one." Lill took the time to really get to know us and understand our financial goals, both short term and long term, and presented us with a financial plan that would serve as our blueprint for retirement and beyond. Lill considers our overall financial picture and ensured our insurance, estate, and mortgage were in line with our plan. As our family has grown from being a young, couple to a family with one, then two children, Lill has been able to easily accommodate our ever-changing priorities. We are grateful to Lill for taking our family's financial stability and well-being with as much care as a family member. We know that with Lill we have found a partner for many years.

Scott & Shauna S

Lill Jorgensen has been our financial advisor for a number of years and we know that she has our best interest in mind. She keeps current with the world economy and its effect on our fund portfolio and recommends changes when necessary. We appreciate the options she gives us for estate planning to maximize tax benefits. We consider Lill a friend and a very professional financial advisor.

Allan and Grace S

It is with pleasure that I say the most important investment I have made is picking Lill to help me plan for retirement. Lill is always on the pulse for evaluating what options are best for me and always has a well thought out strategic plan. She is so knowledgeable & I so trust her. Thank-you Lill for your time, hard work & smile.

Jude L

Lillian Jorgensen has been an integral part of our financial landscape for over the past four years, providing progressive, comprehensive and consistent results. She is a dynamic and competent advisor who not only conducts her business with honesty and reliability, but demonstrates integrity, flexibility, resourcefulness and a true passion for her field. This is only surpassed by her personal service and commitment to her clients. We value "Lill" as our financial advisor and trusted friend. She remains very unassuming and suave under a tree, on a beach, in Cuba - the part we appreciate the most!

Shelley and Marco R

My husband and I know so little about investing or insurance that we required a financial planner who would put us at ease, explain everything clearly, and take care of all our needs in a timely manner. Lill Jorgensen has done all this and more for us! She is organized, patient with our many questions, and always available to discuss our investing & insurance options. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking to plan for their future or their children's future.

Curt & Stacey U

Lillian has a balanced and caring professional manner. She is very attentive to the financial needs of her clients while keeping abreast of the variety of financial strategies available to help people optimize their financial wellbeing.

Martha T

Lillian Jorgensen is a very trustworthy and knowledgeable advisor. She will explain and guide you through the various options available, enabling you to make solid investments choices for your future. Lillian is always updating her knowledge and has the skill of being able to translate this information to anyone.

Lana M

In the many years of knowing Lillian, I have come to realize many of her admirable traits. The most discernible, is her innate desire to help people. This coupled with her outstanding financial business sense, makes her a success in her chosen field. My confidence in her with my finances, is assured.

Karl J T

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